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Card violin 2


   Some feedback from students and others.



The violin lessons with Cynthia Fleming have rekindled my love of the instrument and have inspired me to invest time and energy practicing. I am in my mid-seventies – Cynthia’s encouragement has given me hope and proof that it is never too late for learning and for making new discoveries!


Vreni Gould LRAM,

retired member of AGIP (Association for Group and Individual Psychotherapy)





After such a successful performing career Cynthia has much understanding and wealth of knowledge about violin playing to impart and I find her lessons truly inspirational. She is gradually helping me to transform my playing by analysing the various technical issues that need addressing and then demonstrating and explaining very clearly how to work to improve. She is always encouraging and I find her insight and approach has also helped me enormously with my own violin teaching too. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with her.


Glynis Dickinson MA, GRSM Hons, LRAM  

Assistant Director of Music Holmewood House School,

Tunbridge Wells 2003 -2014



Cynthia Fleming is an excellent, knowledgeable and caring teacher that I could recommend to anyone, considered one of the best and most effective ever to teach on the Ciaccona International Music Course.


Dona Lee Croft,

Director, Ciaccona International Music Course

Professor of Violin, Royal College of Music, 1985-2014




It was a privilege to have Cynthia work with some of our most advanced players, putting them through their paces in front of an invited audience of staff, parents and fellow students.

From the outset, she established a good relationship with the students, always sensitive to their technical and musical needs, and flexible in her approach according to their level of ability. She gave valuable guidance to the girls, working them hard and enabling each to improve her overall standard. Cynthia's masterclasses were a highly informative and enjoyable experience for players and audience members alike.


Julia Chellel

String teacher and ensemble director,

Kent College, Pembury